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Our mission is to spread love to the world, connecting people through the beauty of gemstones and the power of the collective, encouraging a new way, a new world filled with love, postive energies and beauty. Each stone is selected, sanitized and washed, smudged, packaged and sanitized before posting. We use an alcohol based, chemical free sanitiser and an African smudge!

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The last few years, to be as polite as possible, have been a challenge! Remember the simple life prior to...

This lovely stone is also known (correctly) as a Schorl Tourmaline as it is the true black tourmaline. Other forms...

Awesome Dioptase and Shattuckite Sphere. Dioptase is linked to the heart Chakra.   The healing powers of Shattuckite are immense,...

  We have the most beautiful Lemurian Singing wands, with a golden hue – this could be citrine, but is...

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