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The year of Awakening

The last few years, to be as polite as possible, have been a challenge!

Remember the simple life prior to 2020??? There we all were, living our lives with what seems now, a rather blissful ignorance.

We had all spent time considering climate change, and most people had accepted the campaign against straws and the rather sloth like movement towards lessening plastic – but very few had much of an idea that a small and virulent little bugger was about to unleash a tsunami of change upon the world.

Whatever your take is on the world, the planet and the people on it – things have changed and they have shifted on ALL levels. For those with a desire to question and develop on a level beyond the physical only, this shift may have been amazing, hard, challenging or downright awful. For a select few, the shift has been wonderful, but I am pretty sure that those are the lucky few!

When we look at the planet now, the people on it and the changes, we can see quite clearly, that many things have been ripped open, revealing truth that we had kind of known was there, and yet not really admitted to, or looked at. We can clearly see the lies, cover ups and media controls in place and we are all able to realise that, for some time, probably since the start of organised tribal living, we have been led by people who are actually, very often, corrupt and power hungry. Not that much has changed in human behaviour has it? The kings of old, ruling without care for their subjects, are now simply better presented to us, with a nicer set of words that sound great, but actions that still reek of the controls and power games.  We have been faced with questions about how we treat earth and nature, and how much we have manipulated it – without thinking about the long term damage. Those straw mandates seem petty, and littering continues, as does the destruction of the earth. Added to the pollution has been millions of masks, billions of processed plastic syringes, and billions of glass vials, as well as a never ending push to keep panic buying – leading to both an increase in prices and an increase in wasted foods. Very little attention has been paid to the starving, the very poor and the state of the planet. Water pollution increases. And yet – the buy line of the pandemic – Every life matters – seems to keep going, no matter how ironically empty that statement is.

Those who have searched for aliens for years were finally rewarded with a snippet of an alien ship released by the very same government that spent large sums of money and time refuting any sightings or abductions. This event, however fell on somewhat disinterested ears it seems – as everyone was much more focussed on choosing between a bling mask, or an N95.

For some, the awakening was more than seeing through the veil, the façade and the blatant lies. For some, it was more of a battle between light and dark, God and Satan, the good and the evil. And for some, it was all about ascension to the new earth, the 5th dimension. Whether you are stuck in the Orwellian dystopian fear, or meditating into 5D, or grouping with like-minded people to do C5 alien meetings, one thing is for sure……times have changed and the veil is lifting.

For some, those who are clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic and intuitive, the drawing closer of the “other world”, the lifting of the veil, the moving closer of those beings who live around us, has been both powerful and amazing.  It has come with its own set of obstacles, ancestral healing, the dark journey into our own souls, facing a new way of seeing everything and losing attachment to many things.

Through all of these shifts, changes and new beginnings, we have all found a steadfast “something” – for me, it has been my animals, nature, and of course, our amazing crystals.

When you look deeply into a crystal, you often see small inclusions, cracks, or at times, even water trapped for eternity in the body of these solidified bits of pure beauty. When I look at these, it never ceases to amaze and impress me – the way nature can turn just about anything into a beautiful sight. The way chemicals and water can mix, grow and become a true representation of creation at work – solid and steady. The cracks and inclusions shine out, memories of changes, memories of earths continued creation process.

We are all crystals, with our scars and smiles, and we are all creators of the beauty within.  It is your choice to move forward and create beauty and love, or to stay trapped in the negative vibes! It is my hope, my dream, to be able to share these stunning stones and bits of truth with YOU, and I hope that you enjoy our page and the stones we will be showcasing.

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