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Dioptase and Shattuckite

Awesome Dioptase and Shattuckite Sphere. Dioptase is linked to the heart Chakra.


The healing powers of Shattuckite are immense, with specific focus on cells, DNA and renewal.

There is no better time to use the powerful healing focus of crystals, which are, after all, solidified energies, forced from the fissures in Mother Earth, and mixing with all sorts of components, forming many colourful and beautiful shapes.

Each crystal form has its own chemical make up, and these energies are powerful and underestimated in healing.

During the current crisis, everyone needs a little time to recover, meditation, healing and love – and these particular elements are useful.

As we move into a new age, our heart chakras are being opening and we are leaning towards learning to LOVE openly and without any reserve.

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