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Lemurian Singing Wands

We have the most beautiful Lemurian Singing wands, with a golden hue – this could be citrine, but is most likely a wash of Iron Hydrate on the stones, adding to their mystical and healing ability.

These magical singing wands are absolutely stunning, some are enhydro (water bubbles trapped inside – perhaps millenia old) and some are double terminated!

All have a lovely tinkling sound when they touch, and are magical, musical healers! The sizes range and we are packing pairs, groups of 7 and singles for sale.

You do want one of these, or several as they are amazing healing stones, with a special kind of magic, and this lot is unique and unusual.

These wands are not only lovely to play with and meditate on, but are ideal as space clearing tools and work wonders on those who are here as star seeds, and lightworkers – especially at this time of such powerful energies on our planet.

As we step further into the ongoing awakening on a global scale, many are realising their purpose here, and how to work through this time, lifting our vibrations to embrace the 4th and 5th dimensions.

These stones help us resonate with the parallel time lines in the universe, melding our many states and elevating us to a higher consciousness.

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